In the struggle to find herself, Dr. Jacquelyn never gave up; breaking the stereotypes and statistics that said she could not and would not beat the odds against her. She continues to dream and strive for what would be a better life for her and her family, and all those that come in her path. This has led to the formation of THE DR. WILSON LEADERSHIP ACADEMY. DWLA offers a range of services from keynote speaking to mentorship for individuals, groups, and nonprofit organizations.

#STS and DWLA have combined efforts and created a monthly forum called First Wednesdays Women Awakening Women Tea Huddle. Every first Wednesday of the month, groups of community women that are either transitioning or homeless are invited to share a light meal, over tea, and receive encouragement, hope, and fellowship through guest speakers. Each woman leaves with a gift bag filled with toiletries and other special items to uplift and inspire them.

Dr. Wilson has had the honor of a receiving numerous awards and accolades; including seven New York City Citations, one Citation from the city of Hartford, Connecticut, as well as nominations and appointments by the 2016 Administration White House and several Tristate area organizations and charities that focus on the education and service to women and girls.

In February of 2017, Dr. Wilson celebrated the first year Anniversary of #SurpriseTheStruggling with a Gala event. Dr. Jacquelyn Wilson often requested as a Keynote Speaker for many organizations that have been inspired by her story and the work she has done through her company, and private organizations, The Stop Bullying Project and Surprise The Struggling, Inc.

Dr. Wilson has appeared in numerous magazines, interviewed by notable radio hosts, co-chaired humanitarian events, sits on numerous panels for women’s rights and advocacy for children. Other countries have extended invitations to share her gift and expertise on how we can begin to make positive, long-lasting changes globally. Dr. Wilson is currently at work on her first series in motivational books.

Philanthropist, humanitarian, motivational speaker, businessperson, producer, director, author, and mother— Dr. Wilson has a cause to speak to the lives of countless others, and let them know that anything is possible… no matter what you have experienced in life. 

Awards & Community Accolades

Nomination and Acceptance to the White House’s first South-by-South Lawn Festival (#SXSL 2016) —Obama Administration

Nominee for 2016 the Black Women Are Awards

Recipient of 2016 Roc-A-Natural Community Leadership Award

Recipient of Embrace Your Cake’s 2016 Shero Award

2016 B2BAB –You Make A World of Difference Award Recipient

Keynote Speaker at 2017 New York Fashion Week

2017 Recipient of Citation and Certificate for work with, Dope Girl Made

Honored as Dynamic Woman of Faith and Purpose

2017 L'Oréal Paris Women of Worth Finalist

2017 Court of Common Council Citation Recipient         

2018 NYC Council Citation Recipient for Local and Global Work

2018 ANS Association of Women Honoree

Recipient of Eight New York City Council Citations for Community Service/Work with Women

Three-Time Recipient of Best Short Film in Film Festivals including one sponsored by HBO

Part of Dr. Wilson's number one life lesson is to get involved.

To become the solution to the problems we see around us.

CEOof Mynding My Own Bizness® Entertainment and Executive producer of the three-time, award-winning short film, The Bully; produced by her company, MMOB, Dr. Jacquelyn Wilson is a woman on a mission. The BULLY has garnered quite a buzz for its powerful impact and message against bullying and intolerance, which led to her development of The Stop Bullying Project®. It recently won its third best short film award from HBO presents, America’s Rainbow Film Festival. She is currently in the process of filming her second film project—a documentary on the #SurpriseTheStruggling™ campaign.

Dr. Wilson is Executive Director and founder of #SurpriseTheStruggling™, the global hashtag movement with ambassadors reaching across the globe. #SupriseTheStruggling™ Inc. is a non-profit organization created to assist homeless women and teen girls with the bare necessities for properly cleansing themselves in the midst of their struggles; gifting them with gently used purses filled with toiletries, such as pads, deodorant, wipes, sanitizer, socks, toothbrushes/toothpaste, soaps, and etcetera.

Along with her team of Ambassadors, Dr. Wilson has collected and given away over 5,000+ purses filled with toiletries for homeless women and teen girls to date. The team has hit the streets of the Tristate area, distributing the donated purses and toiletries to various women in various stages of need; managing also to make a few backpacks for some of the homeless men they meet.

Dr. Jacquelyn Wilson